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Just a city block off the well-traveled track in Ocotillo, California (population 454), is as fine a dining experience as money can buy between Southern California's cities of El Centro (Imperial County) and Alpine (San Diego County). Fortunately for all travelers, it is also the best restaurant in Ocotillo.

Directions are easy: Take the Imperial Highway exit just off the 8, and head on over to the North East corner of Agate Road and the Imperial Highway. If you're lucky, Diane will be working in the kitchen and make you a really good burger.

If you need a place to stay while in town, be certain to stay at the Ocotillo Motel
centrally located to all the town's amenities and is the best ramada in the area.

Print this webpage for a free beverage with lunch or dinner before Ed decides he is losing too much money and makes me take this offer off-line! - Peter Terezakis